What Qualifications do your Babysitters have?
All our babysitters have their Blue Card, First Aid and CPR Certificates that are kept up to date at all times. They are either mum’s themselves or have worked in childcare for at least 3 years. They must be fun, professional and have glowing references. Most of our babysitters have their Certificate 3 or Diploma in Child Services.
How do you choose your Babysitters?
Besides having the required qualifications above and must be lots of fun with a passion for working with children, I only have Babysitters that I would trust with my own 2 kids. I would only send babysitters out to your family that I would want to babysit my own kids… and I’m very particular.

Do your Babysitters come to our house or hotel?
Yes, our babysitters will come to your house or hotel that you are staying at to look after your children.

Can your Babysitters take my children out of the house or hotel or to a Theme Park?
Yes, our babysitters can take your children on excursions. There are many fun things to do in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay such as going to the park, the beach, to the movies or to any of the Theme Parks. You will be required to pay for the entry fee or activity for the babysitter as well as your children. We can just take them for a walk to get out of the house or play outside games as well.

What age are your Babysitters?
Our babysitters are all over 20 years of age and go right up to 70 years of age. Please feel free to request a certain age if you feel more comfortable with a particular age group.

Am I able to choose a particular Babysitter?
Yes, if the chosen babysitter is available when you require her, we would be happy to send her to you.

Am I able to meet the Babysitter prior to the booking?
Because we have such amazing sitters, they are always busy looking after little ones so it wouldn’t make it feasable to meet every family prior to the day. We do however, get your sitter to phone you the day prior to the booking to say hello and introduce themselves. You can even request a Video Chat! Our babysitters make you and your children feel relaxed and at-ease as soon as they walk in.

How much notice do I need to book a Babysitter?
If I can help you out and you need an emergency sitter, I will always do my best. We have been known to get sitters to you in just 20minutes!! We do last minute bookings if required, but we prefer if you could book at least a day or two before the booking when possible. If you want to ensure you get a particular sitter, please try and book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

How many children can 1 Babysitter look after?
Each babysitter can look after 5 children over 3 or 3 children under 3.
The ratio will be based on the youngest child.

What is the hourly rate I need to pay the Babysitter?

Brisbane and Gold Coast Coast (through to Kingscliff)

  • 1 child       – $22/hr
  • 2 children – $25/hr
  • 3 children – $25/hr
  • 4 children – $27/hr
  • 5 children – $30/hr
  • 3 children under 3 is $30/hr

Byron Bay Shire (Cabarita to Ballina)

  • 1 child       – $25/hr
  • 2 children – $25/hr
  • 3 children – $25/hr
  • 4 children – $27/hr
  • 5 children – $30/hr
  • 3 children under 3 is $30/hr
What is the Booking Fee and does it come off the hourly rate?
The Booking Fee is $28.60 per babysitter, per day. Unfortunately, this does not come off the hourly rate. This is the fee that the agency gets for organising your sitter. The hourly rate is 100% for the babysitter and the booking fee is for the Agency. This includes insurance, and all the time and effort that goes into finding and keeping amazing sitters and the standards we deliver.

In what increments do I pay the Babysitter?
The babysitters are paid in 15-minute increments.

What areas do you cover?
We cover anywhere in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, right down to Byron Bay and including anywhere in between.
We can cover outside areas such as The Hinterland, Beaudesert and Sunshine Coast but it will incur a travel fee despendant on the distance.

What is the difference between an Overnight Stay and Babysitting through the Night?
We offer an overnight stay from 7pm until 7am in the morning. This is only offered for children that sleep through the night. If you child wakes continuously through the night, then the hourly rate must be charged. A bed must be supplied to the babysitter as she is able to go to sleep once the children are in bed and sleep through the night.
What time does the babysitting service start and do sitters stay after midnight?
Our babysitting service is available 24/7 and every day of the year. Most babysitters are prepared to sit until whatever time they are needed.

What is the latest start time for a job?
The latest start time for a job on any night is 8:30pm. If you require a sitter to be there from 10pm, we can do that but the hourly rate will start from 8:30pm.