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Investing in Bliss: Why Hiring a Wedding Sitter is Worth Every Penny

Introduction: Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime occasion, filled with joy, love, and the celebration of a lifetime. As you meticulously plan every detail, have you considered the littlest guests attending your big day? While weddings are typically adult-centered events, accommodating children and ensuring their happiness can significantly enhance the overall experience […]

Caring for your Little People: How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Sitter for Kids

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to make sure that everyone who attends has a great time. If you have children attending your wedding, it’s important to provide them with activities and entertainment to keep them occupied and happy. Hiring a Wedding Sitter can be […]

Are you wondering….. Kids or no kids at your wedding?

Don’t have kids so not sure you want any kids at your big day?   Or, you have kids but not sure you want other’s to bring their kids?   Or do you just give in and have all the kids there taking over your wedding day and have their parents run around after them […]

Best Wedding Venues For Kids on the Gold Coast

Wedding Sitter Gold Coast

Best Wedding Venues For Kids on the Gold Coast. Here at Coastal Babysitters, we’ve had the privilege of providing wedding babysitting services on the Gold Coast to many happy brides and grooms.  We’ve seen firsthand what it takes for a venue to be kid-friendly. In our experience, the best wedding venues all share one common […]

Can I trust a babysitter?

One of the biggest challenges for many parents to overcome when considering a babysitter is whether they can *trust* someone to come into their home, and care for their children.   And it’s a fair question – after all, it’s our primary job as parents to protect our kids, and it can be really difficult […]