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Can I trust a babysitter?

One of the biggest challenges for many parents to overcome when considering a babysitter is whether they can *trust* someone to come into their home, and care for their children.


And it’s a fair question – after all, it’s our primary job as parents to protect our kids, and it can be really difficult to take that leap and trust someone else with the little humans that hold our hearts.


But we all need a break sooner or later – and parenting doesn’t come with four weeks annual leave like most other jobs! So it’s important we find ways to have some down-time and allow ourselves to relax, recover and have some fun outside of being “mum” or “dad” all day and night.


So how do you find a good babysitter… and how do you know if you can trust them?

There are a few steps you can take to help put your mind at ease when searching for a babysitter who will genuinely care for your children and ensure they (and you) have a wonderful experience:


1) Use a reputable babysitting service

Babysitters booked through a quality and reputable company or agency will likely have gone through a rigorous interview, qualification, training and vetting process which means you are much more likely to find a quality, trustworthy and wonderful babysitter.


Be sure to do your research on the company, check reviews and see if they share information about the process their babysitters go through, to help put your mind at ease.


2) Do your research

When you have a potential babysitter in mind, spend some time doing your research to make sure there are no red-flags that pop up. You can google their name and see what information you can find out – and make it lines up with the information you have been provided and you are comfortable with what you find.


In this digital age we live in, most people have some sort of digital footprint, and social media channels are a good way to take a sneak peek and get a feel for the person you will be dealing with.


3) Call or meet with the person ahead of time and ask your questions

Maybe your little one has a certain way she likes her sandwiches cut, or a particular doll she will need at nap time… will your babysitter be willing and able to handle those requests?


Be sure to chat with or meet your babysitter ahead of time to go over any important details and ask any questions you have. This should allow you get “get a feel” for your sitter and give you confidence that your children will be in good hands.


4) Trust your gut

Never underestimate the power and precision of your gut feelings! Your first impressions will tell you a lot: how they present themselves, how they answer the questions you ask, and how they interact with your kids when they meet them.


If anything isn’t sitting right, it’s best to move onto the next candidate until you find one that feels just right for you and your family.

5) Ask your children

If your kids have a chance to meet their babysitter beforehand, and/or after their first visit, ask them what they think. Kids have an unfiltered honesty that can be enlightening and often if they feel involved in the decision, they are much more likely to be onboard with having them around when needed.


Finding the right babysitter can be a bit of a process, but when you find that person you can call on anytime you need extra support, it can be a life saver (especially if you haven’t got much family or friend support to call on).


Here at Coastal Babysitters we aim to make that process as pain-free and simple as possible by doing all the hard work for you. Not only do our babysitters go through a thorough vetting and training process, but we also take the time to match the perfect babysitter to each family – based on their experience, special requests, interests, background and more – to ensure the best possible match!


My mantra is that I would never send a babysitter to your home that I wouldn’t trust with my own kids. Just take a look at our testimonials to see how amazing our team are!


So – when you’re ready to take the leap and find the perfect babysitter for your family, be sure to get in touch and let us help make the whole process simple and painless.


— Orly xx

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